I do not consider my work to be about trauma, but it is based around it.  Writing artist statements have always been difficult for me. I had rather be academic and philosophical to allow an open ended and inviting approach to an audience.

I do consider my work to be about life and about my experience as a human.  It is an abstract, diaristic approach to talk about the things I find difficult to be vulnerable about.  In 2010, I fell 5 stories through an abandoned building and was left in a medically induced coma for 10 days.  I woke up to learn that I almost died, my femurs were broken, and the last 10 days of memory I had were all hallucinations.  That experience changed myself and my focus on why I make and approach artwork.

I found abstraction as a way to comfort and deal with these things.  I found painting and mixed media as a mindful approach to deal with overwhelming thoughts. I know it is not just me that has gone through the cruel nature of life.  In fact, I know I am lucky to not have suffered as hard as others have.  However, I cannot shake the fact that we all deal with these atrocities, no matter how small or large.  The hopes of my work are not just to serve as my diaries and therapy, but to allow for a discussion for each and everyone of us to admit that things are hard, and even harder to explain.


My work functions as therapy to myself.  A canvas is first stapled raw to a wall in order to provide a strong, supportive backing to aid both gentle and aggressive mark making as I work through nostalgic memories and feelings.  I use paint, pastel, and pencil as a form of communicating the words, sentences, and paragraphs that I do not believe I have the ability to state in another manner.

My equal fear and acceptance of the fleeting and finite nature of our existence is a major issue that I cannot ignore. This deeply personal work is my attempt to bridge a gap in language between the reality of existence in my head with all other human beings in the hope of making a connection and possibly agreeing that they too, feel something similar.